1. A coiling or rolling of an organ. 2. Specifically, a gyrus of the cerebral or cerebellar cortex. [L. convolutio]
- angular c. SYN: angular gyrus.
- anterior central c. SYN: precentral gyrus.
- ascending frontal c. SYN: precentral gyrus.
- ascending parietal c. SYN: postcentral gyrus.
- callosal c. SYN: cingulate gyrus.
- cingulate c. SYN: cingulate gyrus.
- first temporal c. SYN: superior temporal gyrus.
- hippocampal c. SYN: parahippocampal gyrus.
- inferior frontal c. SYN: inferior frontal gyrus.
- middle frontal c. SYN: middle frontal gyrus.
- middle temporal c. SYN: middle temporal gyrus.
- posterior central c. SYN: postcentral gyrus.
- second temporal c. SYN: middle temporal gyrus.
- superior frontal c. SYN: superior frontal gyrus.
- supramarginal c. SYN: supramarginal gyrus.
- third temporal c. SYN: inferior temporal gyrus.
- transitional c. SYN: transitional gyrus.
- transverse temporal convolutions SYN: transverse temporal gyri, under gyrus.
- Zuckerkandl c. SYN: subcallosal gyrus.

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con·vo·lu·tion .kän-və-'lü-shən n any of the irregular ridges on the surface of the brain and esp. of the cerebrum called also gyrus compare SULCUS
con·vo·lu·tion·al -shnəl, -shən-əl adj

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a folding or twisting, such as one of the many that cause the fissures, sulci, and gyri of the surface of the cerebrum.

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con·vo·lu·tion (kon″vo-looґshən) [L. convolutus rolled together] a tortuous irregularity or elevation caused by a structure being infolded upon itself; see gyri cerebri, under gyrus. convolutional, convolutionary adj

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