1. The touching or apposition of two bodies. 2. A person who has been exposed to a contagious disease. [L. con- tingo, pp. -tactus, to touch, seize, fr. tango, to touch]
- balancing c. 1. the contacts between upper and lower dentures on the balancing or mediotrusive side for the purpose of stabilizing the dentures; 2. the contacts between upper and lower dentures at the opposite side from the working or laterotrusive side (anteroposteriorly or laterally) for the purpose of stabilizing the dentures; 3. the contacts between upper and lower natural or artificial teeth at the opposite side from the working or laterotrusive side. SYN: balancing occlusal surface.
- centric c. SYN: centric occlusion.
- deflective occlusal c. a condition of tooth contacts which diverts the mandible from a normal path of closure to centric jaw relation. SYN: cuspal interference, interceptive occlusal c., premature c..
- initial c. 1. the first meeting of opposing teeth upon elevation of the mandible toward the maxillae; 2. the initial occlusal c. of opposing teeth when the jaw is closed.
- interceptive occlusal c. SYN: deflective occlusal c..
- premature c. SYN: deflective occlusal c..
- proximal c., proximate c. the area where the surfaces of two adjacent teeth in the same arch touch.
- c. with reality correctly interpreting external phenomena in relation to the norms of one's social or cultural milieu.
- working contacts working or occlusion; contacts of teeth made on the side of the occlusion toward which the mandible has been moved. SYN: working bite, working occlusion.

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con·tact 'kän-.takt n
1) union or junction of body surfaces <sexual \contact>
2 a) the junction of two electrical conductors through which a current passes
b) a special part that has been made for such a junction
3) direct experience through the senses <loss of \contact with reality>
contact adj caused or transmitted by direct or indirect contact (as with an allergen or a contagious disease) <a \contact allergy>

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transmission of an infectious disease by touching or handling an infected person or animal (direct contact) or by indirect contact with airborne droplets, faeces, etc., containing the infective microorganism.

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con·tact (konґtakt) [L. contactus a touching together] 1. a mutual touching of two bodies or persons. 2. an individual known to have been sufficiently near to an infected individual to have been exposed to the transfer of infectious material. 3. contactant.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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