In dentistry, a part of a partial denture which unites its components.
- major c. a plate or bar (lingual bar, palatal bar) used for the purpose of uniting partial denture bases.
- minor c. the connecting link (tang) between the major c. or base of a partial denture and other units of the prosthesis, such as clasps, indirect retainers, and occlusal rests.
- nonrigid c. a c. or joint that is not rigid or solid. SYN: stress-broken c., stress-broken joint.
- rigid c. a c. that is solid or rigid, as a soldered joint.
- stress-broken c. SYN: nonrigid c..

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con·nec·tor kə-'nek-tər n something that connects esp a part of a partial denture which joins its components

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con·nec·tor (kə-nekґtər) 1. anything serving as a link between two separate objects or units. 2. the part of a fixed partial denture that unites the retainer and the pontic; it may be rigid or nonrigid.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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