Presence of an abnormal amount of fluid in the vessels or passages of a part or organ; especially, of blood due either to increased influx or to an obstruction to outflow. SEE ALSO: hyperemia. [L. congestio, a bringing together, a heap, fr. con-gero, pp. -gestus, to bring together]
- active c. c. due to an increased flow of arterial blood to a part.
- brain c. increased volume of the intravascular compartment of the brain; often associated with brain swelling. SYN: encephalemia.
- functional c. hyperemia occurring during functional activity of an organ. SYN: physiologic c..
- hypostatic c. c. due to pooling of venous blood in a dependent part. SYN: hypostasis (2).
- passive c. c. caused by obstruction or slowing of the venous drainage, resulting in partial stagnation of blood in the capillaries and venules.
- physiologic c. SYN: functional c..
- venous c. overfilling and distention of the veins with blood as a result of mechanical obstruction or right ventricular failure.

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con·ges·tion kən-'jes(h)-chən n an excessive accumulation esp. of blood or mucus <vascular \congestion> <nasal \congestion>

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an accumulation of blood within an organ, which is the result of back pressure within its veins (for example congestion of the lungs and of the liver occurs in heart failure). Congestion may be associated with oedema (accumulation of fluid in the tissues). It is relieved by treatment of the cause.

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con·ges·tion (kən-jesґchən) [L. congestio, from congerere to heap together] excessive or abnormal accumulation of fluid, as of blood in a part. Cf. hyperemia. congestive adj

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, (of blood)

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