1. The power of transmission or conveyance of certain forms of energy, as heat, sound, and electricity, without perceptible motion in the conducting body. 2. The property, inherent in living protoplasm, of transmitting a state of excitation; e.g., in muscle or nerve.
- hydraulic c. ease of pressure filtration of a liquid through a membrane; specifically, Kf = η(Q/A) (δx/δP), where Kf = hydraulic c., η = viscosity of the liquid being filtered, Q/A = volume of liquid filtered per unit time and unit area, and δx/δP = reciprocal of the pressure gradient through the membrane; solute concentrations should be identical on both sides of the membrane. Also applied more loosely to measurements on a total membrane of unknown area and thickness with unmeasured fluid viscosity (K = Q/δP).

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con·duc·tiv·i·ty .kän-.dək-'tiv-ət-ē, kən- n, pl -ties the quality or power of conducting or transmitting: as
a) the reciprocal of electrical resistivity
b) the quality of living matter responsible for the transmission of and progressive reaction to stimuli

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con·duc·tiv·i·ty (kon″dək-tivґĭ-te) the capacity of a body to transmit a flow of electricity or heat; it is the conductance per unit area of the body. When expressed in figures, electrical conductivity is the reciprocal of resistivity.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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