Plural of coccidium.

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coc·cid·ia käk-'sid-ē-ə n pl
1) cap a large order of schizogonic telosporidian sporozoans typically parasites of the digestive epithelium of vertebrates and higher invertebrates and including several forms of great economic importance see CRYPTOSPORIDIUM, EIMERIA, HAEMOGREGARINA, ISOSPORA
2) sporozoans of the order Coccidia
coc·cid·i·al (')käk-'sid-ē-əl adj

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Coc·cid·ia (kok-sidґe-ə) [Gr. kokkos berry] a subclass of parasitic protozoa (class Sporozoea, phylum Apicomplexa) found in many vertebrates and invertebrates, causing coccidiosis. Their life cycle involves merogony, gametogony, and sporogony, and gamonts are usually present, with mature gamonts being small and typically intracellular, without an epimerite or mucron. Syzygy does not usually occur, but if it does, it involves anisogamous gametes. The subclass comprises three orders: Agamococcidiida, Protococcidiida, and Eucoccidiida.

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