tooth of epistropheus

tooth of epistropheus
dens axis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • dens axis — [TA] tooth of axis: the toothlike process that projects from the superior surface of the body of the axis, ascending to articulate with the atlas; called also d. epistrophei, odontoid bone, odontoid apophysis, odontoid process of axis, and tooth… …   Medical dictionary

  • dens — 1. SYN: tooth. 2. A strong toothlike process projecting upward from the body of the axis, or epistropheus, around which the atlas rotates. SYN: d. axis [TA], odontoid process of epistropheus, odontoid process. [L.] dentes acustici …   Medical dictionary

  • Axis — The axis is the second cervical vertebra (symbol: C2). It is called the axis because the uppermost cervical vertebra (called the atlas) rotates about the odontoid process of C2. The joint between the axis and atlas is a pivot type of joint. It… …   Medical dictionary

  • Process — In anatomy, a process is a projection from a structure. The process of the mandible is the part of the lower jaw that projects forward. In a more general sense, a process is a series of actions or events that are part of a system or of a… …   Medical dictionary

  • ep|i|stro|phe|us — «EHP uh STROH fee uhs», noun, plural phe|i « fee y». the second cervical vertebra, having a tooth or process upon which the head is turned; axis. ╂[< Greek epistropheús (literally) turning on a pivot] …   Useful english dictionary

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