An instrument for compression or holding a structure. Cf.:forceps. [M.E., fr. Middle Dutch klampe]
- Cope c. a c. used in excision of colon and rectum.
- Crafoord c. a c. used in heart, lung, and vascular operations.
- Crile c. a c. for temporary stoppage of blood flow.
- Fogarty c. a c. with rubber-shod blades having serrated surfaces, to provide an atraumatic grip on tissues.
- Gant c. a right-angled c. used in hemorrhoidectomy.
- Gaskell c. an instrument for crushing the atrioventricular bundle in experimental animals and thus producing heart block.
- gingival c. a springlike metal piece encircling or grasping the cervix of a tooth and shaped so as to retract the gingival tissue.
- Kelly c. a curved hemostat without teeth, introduced for gynecological surgery.
- Kocher c. a heavy, straight hemostat with interlocking teeth on the tip.
- liver-shod c. a c. with jaws covered by cloth to minimize injury to structures such as bowel when c. is closed.
- Mikulicz c. a c. used to crush walls between proximal and distal colon in two-stage colectomy.
- Mixter c. a right angle c..
- Mogen c. a circumcision instrument. [Hebrew star]
- mosquito c. a small hemostat, straight or curved, with or without teeth; used to hold delicate tissue or for hemostasis. SYN: mosquito forceps.
- Ochsner c. a straight hemostat with teeth.
- patch c. SYN: patch clamping.
- Payr c. a large, slightly curved c. used in gastrectomy or enterectomy.
- Potts c. a fine-toothed, multiple-point, vascular fixation c. that imparts limited trauma to the vessel while securely holding it.
- Rankin c. a three-bladed c. used in resection of colon.
- right angle c. a c. with a short 90° bend to its tip frequently used for dissection or passage of ligatures around vessels.
- rubber dam c. a springlike metal piece encircling or grasping the cervix of a tooth and so shaped as to prevent a rubber dam from coming off the tooth.
- rubber-shod c. a small rubber-tipped c. that holds sutures in place during surgery.

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clamp 'klamp n any of various instruments or appliances having parts brought together for holding or compressing something esp an instrument used to hold, compress, or crush vessels and hollow organs and to aid in surgical excision of parts <an arterial \clamp>
clamp vt to fasten with or as if with a clamp <the descending thoracic aorta was \clamped (W. A. Banks )(et al)>

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a surgical instrument designed to compress a structure, such as a blood vessel or a cut end of the intestine. A variety of clamps have been designed for specific surgical procedures. Blood-vessel clamps are used to stop bleeding from the cut vessels. Intestinal clamps prevent the intestinal contents from leaking into the abdominal cavity during operations on the intestines and are designed either not to damage the intestinal wall (noncrushing clamps) or to close the open end (crushing clamps) prior to suturing.

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(klamp) 1. any device used to grip, join, compress, or fasten parts. 2. a surgical instrument for effecting compression. See accompanying table and see also under forceps.

Clamp (DeBakey peripheral vascular).

Removable appliance with multiple Adams clasps.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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