Burchard-Liebermann test

Burchard-Liebermann test
Liebermann-Burchard t.

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  • Liebermann-Burchard reaction — Lie·ber·mann Bur·chard reaction lē bər mən bu̇r .kärt n a test for unsaturated steroids (as cholesterol) and triterpenes based on the formation of a series of colors (as pink to blue to green) with acetic anhydride in the presence of concentrated …   Medical dictionary

  • Liebermann-Reaktion — Lie|ber|mann Re|ak|ti|on [nach dem dt. Chemiker C. T. Liebermann (1842–1914)]: 1) Liebermann Anthrachinon Test: Anthrachinonnachweis in Gestalt einer blutroten Färbung beim Kochen der natronalkalischen Probenlösung mit Zinkstaub; 2) Liebermann… …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Liebermann-Burchard test (reaction) — Lie·ber·mann Bur·chard test (reaction) (leґbər mahn burkґhahrd) [Carl Theodore Liebermann, German chemist, 1842–1914; H. Burchard, German chemist, 19th century] see under test …   Medical dictionary

  • liebermann-burchard reaction — ˈlēbərmənˈbu̇(ə)rˌkärt noun Usage: usually capitalized L&B Etymology: after Karl T. Liebermann died 1914 German chemist and H. Burchard, 19th century German chemist : a test for unsaturated steroids (as cholesterol) and triterpenes based on the… …   Useful english dictionary

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  • Liebermann — Leo von S., Hungarian physician, 1852–1926. See Burchard L. reaction, L. Burchard test …   Medical dictionary

  • Liebermann-Burchard test — (for cholesterol) dissolve the sample in chloroform and add acetic anhydride plus concentrated sulfuric acid; cholesterol can be quantitated by the intensity of the resulting blue green color …   Medical dictionary

  • Réaction de Liebermann — La réaction de Liebermann Burchard est une réaction chimique principalement utilisée comme test révélateur du cholestérol et plus généralement des phénols. Elle a été décrite initialement par Carl Liebermann[1] puis appliquée à la révélation du… …   Wikipédia en Français

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