A malignant neoplasm derived from cartilage cells, occurring most frequently in pelvic bones or near the ends of long bones, in middle-aged and older people; most chondrosarcomas arise de novo, but some may develop in a preexisting benign cartilaginous lesion.

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chon·dro·sar·co·ma .kän-drō-sär-'kō-mə n, pl -mas also -ma·ta -mət-ə a sarcoma containing cartilage cells rarely arising as a primary tumor but more frequently developing as a secondary growth by malignant degeneration of a chondroma

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a malignant tumour of cartilage cells, occurring in a bone. It has a typical 'snowstorm' appearance on X-ray. Restricted to the axial skeleton, such tumours are slow-growing but infiltrate adjacent structures; they are often fatal. Treatment is by surgical removal; these tumours are not usually sensitive to radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

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chon·dro·sar·co·ma (kon″dro-sahr-koґmə) [chondro- + sarcoma] a malignant tumor derived from cartilage cells or their precursors, but lacking direct osteoid formation; it occurs predominantly in the pelvis, femur, and shoulder girdle in middle-aged to older adults. It may be primary, arising from cartilage cells, or secondary to a pre-existing benign lesion. chondrosarcomatous adj

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