Common name for Tunga penetrans.

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chi·goe 'chig-(.)ō, 'chē-(.)gō n
1) a tropical flea belonging to the genus Tunga (T. penetrans) of which the fertile female causes great discomfort by burrowing under the skin called also chigger, sand flea
2) CHIGGER (2)

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chig·oe (chigґo) the flea Tunga penetrans, originally native to the West Indies but now found in hot climates around the world; it infests many different species of mammals. The pregnant female flea burrows into the skin of the feet, legs, or some other part of the body, causing intense irritation and ulceration that sometimes leads to spontaneous amputation of a digit. The chigoe is not the same as the chigger (q.v.). Spelled also chigo. Called also burrowing flea, sand flea, and jigger.

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