Sharpey fibers

Sharpey fibers
Shar·pey fibers (shahrґpe) [William Sharpey, Scottish anatomist and physiologist, 1802–1880] see under fiber.

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  • Sharpey fibers — 1. collagenous fibers that pass from the periosteum and are embedded in the outer circumferential and interstitial lamellae of bone; called also bone f s. 2. terminal portions of principal fibers that insert into the cementum of a tooth. Called… …   Medical dictionary

  • Sharpey's fibres — (bone fibres, or perforating fibres) are a matrix of connective tissue consisting of bundles of strong collagenous fibres connecting periosteum to bone. They are part of the outer fibrous layer of periosteum, entering into the outer… …   Wikipedia

  • Sharpey's fiber — Shar·pey s fiber shär pēz n any of the thready processes of the periosteum that penetrate the tissue of the superficial lamellae of bones Sharpey William (1802 1880) British anatomist and physiologist. Sharpey was one of the founders of modern… …   Medical dictionary

  • Sharpey — William, Scottish physiologist and histologist, 1802–1880. See S. fibers, under fiber …   Medical dictionary

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  • Fibre de Sharpey — Les fibres de Sharpey sont une matrice de tissu conjonctif consistant en regroupements de fortes fibres de collagène reliant le périoste à l os. Elles font partie de la couche fibreuse externe du périoste, pénétrant dans le tissu osseux… …   Wikipédia en Français

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