An infectious, painful, ragged venereal ulcer at the site of infection by Haemophilus ducreyi, beginning after an incubation period of 3–7 days; seen more commonly in men; Gram-negative streptobacilli may be identified by staining material from the ulcer. SYN: soft chancre, soft sore, soft ulcer, venereal sore, venereal ulcer. [chancre + G. eidos, resemblance]

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chan·croid 'shaŋ-.krȯid n a venereal disease caused by a hemophilic bacterium of the genus Haemophilus (H. ducreyi) and characterized by chancres that differ from those of syphilis in lacking firm indurated margins called also soft chancre see DUCREY'S BACILLUS
chan·croi·dal shaŋ-'krȯid-əl adj

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chan·croid (shangґkroid) [chancre + -oid] a sexually transmitted disease caused by Haemophilus ducreyi, characterized by a painful primary ulcer at the site of inoculation, usually on the external genitalia, associated with regional lymphadenitis. See also mixed chancre, under chancre. Called also soft chancre and soft ulcer. chancroidal adj

Chancroid of the penis, with draining buboes in the adjacent groin area.

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