cetylpyridinium chloride

cetylpyridinium chloride
The monohydrate of the quaternary salt of pyridine and cetyl chloride; a cationic detergent with antiseptic action against nonsporulating bacteria.

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ce·tyl·py·ri·din·i·um chloride .sēt-əl-.pī-rə-.din-ē-əm- n a white powder consisting of a hydrated quaternary ammonium salt C21H38ClN·H2O and used as a cationic detergent and antiseptic

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ce·tyl·pyr·i·din·i·um chlo·ride (se″təl-pir″ĭ-dinґe-əm) [USP] a cationic disinfectant, used as a local antiinfective administered sublingually or applied topically to intact skin and mucous membranes, and as a preservative in pharmaceutical preparations.

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