Subjection to sedimentation, by means of a centrifuge, of solids suspended in a fluid. SYN: centrifugalization.
- band c. SYN: density gradient c..
- density gradient c. ultracentrifugation of substances in concentrated solutions of cesium salts or of sucrose; at equilibrium, the medium exhibits a concentration (hence density) gradient increasing in the direction of centrifugal force and the substances of interest collect in layers at the levels of their densities. See isopycnic zone. SYN: band c., zone c..
- zone c. SYN: density gradient c..

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cen·trif·u·ga·tion .sen-trə-fyu̇-'gā-shən n the process of centrifuging

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cen·trif·u·ga·tion (sen-trif″u-gaґshən) the process of separating the lighter portions of a solution, mixture, or suspension from the heavier portions by centrifugal force.

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