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cadaver donor; caldesmon; canine distemper; canine dose; carbohydrate dehydratase; carbon dioxide; cardiac disease; cardiac dullness; cardiac dysrhythmia; cardiovascular disease; Carrel-Dakin [fluid]; Castleman disease; cation-dependent; caudad, caudal; celiac disease; cell dissociation; cervicodorsal; cesarean delivery; chemical dependency; chlordecone; circular dichroism; cis-dioxolane; cluster of differentiation [antigens]; color Doppler; combination drug; common [bile] duct; communicable disease; compact disk; completely denaturated; conduct disorder; conduction disorder; conjugata diagonalis; consanguineous donor; conserved domain; contact dermatitis; contagious disease; contrast-detail [imaging]; control diet; controlled drug; conventional dialysis; convulsive disorder; convulsive dose; corneal dystrophy; cortical dysplasia; Cotrel-Dubousset [rod]; Crohn disease; crossed diagonal; curative dose; cutdown; cycle day; cystic duct; cytochalasin D; cytoplasmic domain

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CD abbr
1) cluster of differentiation used with an integer to denote any of numerous antigenic proteins found chiefly on the surface of leukocytes (as T cells or B cells) see CD4, CD8
2) communicable disease
3) constant drainage
4) contagious disease
5) convulsive disorder
6) curative dose

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cluster of differentiation: a numerical system for classifying antigens expressed on the surface of lymphocytes. See also CD4.

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cadaveric donor (see under transplantation); cluster designation (see under antigen and system); conjugata diagonalis; curative dose.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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