1. Any anatomic structure that resembles a c. or cover. 2. A protective covering for an incomplete tooth. 3. Colloquialism for restoration of the coronal part of a natural tooth by means of an artificial crown. 4. The nucleotide structure found at the 5′-terminus of many eukaryotic messenger RNA s, consisting of a 7-methylguanosine connected, via its 5′-hydroxyl group, by a triphosphate group to the 5′-hydroxyl group of the first nucleoside encoded by the DNA; usually symbolized as m7G5′ppp5′N, where N is nucleoside number 1 in the transcribed mRNA and is often itself methylated; the c. is added posttranscriptionally.
- acrosomal c. a collapsed membranous vesicle that covers the anterior part of the nucleus of the spermatozoon, derived from the acrosomal granule; the carbohydrate-rich substance of the c. is associated with hydrolytic enzymes that aid in sperm penetration of the zona pellucida of the ovum. SYN: head c..
- apical c. a curved shadow at the apex of one or both hemithoraces on chest x-ray; caused by pleural and pulmonary fibrosis or, on the left, by blood from a traumatic rupture of the aorta.
- cervical c. a contraceptive diaphragm that fits over the cervix uteri.
- chin c. an extraoral appliance designed to exert an upward and backward force on the mandible by applying pressure to the chin, thereby preventing forward growth.
- cradle c. colloquialism for seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp of the newborn, a red, waxy scaling seen in the third to fourth week.
- dental caps deciduous cheek teeth in the horse which remain attached to erupting permanent teeth.
- duodenal c. the first portion of the duodenum, as seen in a radiograph or by fluoroscopy. SYN: duodenal bulb.
- enamel c. the enamel covering the crown of a tooth.
- head c. SYN: acrosomal c..
- metanephric c. the concentrated mass of mesodermal cells about the metanephric bud in a young embryo; the cells of the c. form the uriniferous tubules of the permanent kidney. SYN: metanephric blastema.
- phrygian c. in cholecystography, an incomplete septum or a fold in the gallbladder, the shape of which suggests the liberty c. of the French Revolution.
- pyloric c. obsolete term for duodenal c..
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camptodactyly-arthropathy-pericarditis [syndrome]; Canada Assistance Plan; capsule; captopril; Caribbean Association of Pharmacists; catabolite gene activator protein; cell attachment protein; cellular acetate propionate; cellulose acetate phthalate; central apical part; chloramphenicol; chronic alcoholic pancreatitis; clinical access program; College of American Pathologists; community-acquired pneumonia; complement-activated plasma; compound action potential; coupled atrial pacing; cyclophosphamide, Adriamycin, and Platinol [cisplatin]; cystine aminopeptidase

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cap abbr
1) capacity
2) capsule
cap 'kap n, often attrib
1) a natural cover or top: as
2) something that serves as a cover or protection esp. for a tip, knob, or end (as of a tooth)
4) a cluster of molecules or chemical groups bound to one end or a region of a cell, virus, or molecule <the cell surface receptors were redistributed into \caps>
cap vb, capped; cap·ping vt
1) to invest (a student nurse) with a cap as an indication of completion of a probationary period of study
2) to cover (a diseased or exposed part of a tooth) with a protective substance
3) to form a chemical cap on <the capped end of a messenger RNA> vi to form or produce a chemical cap

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a covering or a cover-like part. The duodenal cap is the superior part of the duodenum as seen on X-ray after a barium meal.

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College of American Pathologists; catabolite (gene) activator protein.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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