1. Abbreviation or symbol for centi-; small calorie; centum; concentration; speed of light in a vacuum; circumference. Abbreviation for curie. 2. As a subscript, refers to blood capillary.
Abbreviation for L. cum, with.
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about [Lat. circa]; ascorbic acid; bruised [Lat. contusus]; calcitonin-forming [cell]; calculus; calorie [large]; Campylobacter; Candida; canine tooth; capability [list]; capacitance; capsid protein; carbohydrate; carbon; cardiac; cardiovascular disease; carrier; cast; cathode; Caucasian; cell; Celsius; centigrade; central; central electrode placement in electroencephalography; centromeric or constitutive heterochromatic chromosome [banding]; cerebrospinal; certified; cervical; cesarean [section]; chest (precordial) lead in electrocardiography; chicken; Chlamydia; chloramphenicol; cholesterol; class; clearance; clonus; Clostridium; closure; clubbing; coarse [bacterial colonies]; cocaine; coefficient; colorectal tumor with metastases to lymph nodes [Dukes classification]; color sense; colored [guinea pig]; communicating [pacemaker]; complement; complex; compliance; component; compound [Lat. compositus]; concentration; concept [UMLS]; conditioned, conditioning; condyle; constant; consultation; contamination; contraction; control; conventionally reared [experimental animal]; convergence; correct; cortex; coulomb; count; criteria; Cryptococcus; cubic; cubitus; cyanosis; cylinder; cysteine; cytidine; cytochrome; cytosine; gallon [Lat. congius]; horn [Lat. cornu]; hundred [Lat. centum]; large calorie; molar heat capacity; rib [Lat. costa]; total capacitance; velocity of light; with [Lat. cum]

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1) Celsius
2) centigrade
3) cervical used esp. with a number from 1 to 7 to indicate a vertebra or segment of the spinal cord
4) cocaine
5) complement
6) congius
7) cytosine
C symbol carbon

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canine (see under tooth); carbon (molecular carbon atoms are frequently designated C1, C2, C3, etc., or α-C, β-C, etc., beginning from one end or other standard reference point); large calorie; cathode; Celsius (see under scale); cervical vertebrae (C1 through C7); clonus; closure; complement (numbered C1 through C9, see complement for additional symbols); compliance (subscripts denote the structure, e.g., CL lung compliance); contraction; coulomb; cylinder; cylindrical lens; cytidine or cytosine.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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