ileocecal orifice

ileocecal orifice
1. ostium ileale. 2. opening of ileocecal valve.

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  • ileocecal valve — n the valve formed by two folds of mucous membrane at the opening of the ileum into the large intestine called also Bauhin s valve, ileocolic valve, valvula coli * * * ileocolic valve a valvelike structure formed by the flaps or lips, one above… …   Medical dictionary

  • ileocecal — Relating to both ileum and cecum. * * * il·eo·ce·cal .il ē ō sē kəl adj of, relating to, or connecting the ileum and cecum <the ileocecal region> <the ileocecal orifice> * * * il·eo·ce·cal (il″e o seґkəl) pertaining to the… …   Medical dictionary

  • Ileocecal valve — Interior of the cecum and lower end of ascending colon, showing colic valve. ( Colic valve is an older term for the ileocecal valve.) …   Wikipedia

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  • ileal orifice — 1. ostium ileale. 2. opening of ileocecal valve …   Medical dictionary

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