protrusive occlusion

protrusive occlusion

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • occlusion — 1. The act of closing or the state of being closed. 2. In chemistry, the absorption of a gas by a metal or the inclusion of one substance within another (as in a gelatinous precipitate). 3. Any contact between the incising or masticating surfaces …   Medical dictionary

  • Mutually protected occlusion — In dentistry, a mutually protected occlusion is an occlusal scheme in which the anterior teeth protect the posterior teeth, and vice versa. The anterior teeth protect the posterior teeth by providing for a plane of guidance during excursions,… …   Wikipedia

  • mesioclusion — A malocclusion in which the mandibular arch articulates with the maxillary arch in a position mesial to normal; in Angle classification, a Class III malocclusion. SYN …   Medical dictionary

  • check bite — a thin sheet of wax or a modeling compound placed between the teeth in centric, eccentric, lateral, or protrusive occlusion, and pressed to their buccal or labial surfaces after the jaws have been closed; used to check dental occlusion in the… …   Medical dictionary

  • incisal surface — the cutting edges of the anterior teeth, the incisors and canines, which come into contact with those of the opposite teeth during the act of protrusive occlusion, in which they assume an edge to edge relationship. See also 1. facies occlusalis… …   Medical dictionary

  • record — 1. In medicine, a chronologic written account that includes a patient s initial complaint(s) and medical history, physical findings, results of diagnostic tests and procedures, any therapeutic medicines and/or procedures, and subsequent… …   Medical dictionary

  • chew-in record functional — 1. a record of the natural chewing movements of the mandible made on the occlusion rim by the teeth or scribing studs. 2. a record of movements of the mandible made on the occluding surface of the opposing occlusion rim by the teeth or scribing… …   Medical dictionary

  • relation — 1. An association or connection between or among people or objects. SEE ALSO: relationship. 2. In dentistry, the mode of contact of teeth or the positional relationship of oral structures. [L. relatio, a bringing back] …   Medical dictionary

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  • position — 1. An attitude, posture, or place occupied. 2. Posture or attitude assumed by a patient for comfort and to facilitate the performance of diagnostic, surgical, or therapeutic procedures. 3. In obstetrics, the relation of an arbitrarily chosen …   Medical dictionary

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