Increased intensity and clarity of voice sounds heard over a bronchus surrounded by consolidated lung tissue. SEE ALSO: tracheophony. SYN: bronchial voice. [broncho- + G. phone, voice]
- whispered b. SYN: whispered pectoriloquy.

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bron·choph·o·ny bräŋ-'käf-ə-nē n, pl -nies the sound of the voice heard through the stethoscope over a healthy bronchus and over other portions of the chest in cases of consolidation of the lung tissue compare PECTORILOQUY

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bron·choph·o·ny (brong-kofґə-ne) [broncho- + Gr. phōnē voice] 1. the normal voice sounds heard over a healthy large bronchus. 2. abnormal voice sounds heard over the lung, with the voice transmitted unusually clearly and with a high pitch; it is a type of pectoriloquy, indicating solidification of the lung tissue. Called also bronchiloquy.

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