Inflammation of the eyelids. [blepharo- + G. -itis, inflammation]
- b. acarica SYN: demodectic b..
- b. angularis inflammation of the lid margins at the angles of the commissure.
- ciliary b. SYN: b. marginalis.
- demodectic b. inflammation of the eyelid associated with Demodex folliculorum. SYN: b. acarica.
- b. follicularis a deep-seated suppurative inflammation of ciliary follicles and the glands of Zeis and Moll of the eyelid. SYN: pustular b..
- marginal b. SYN: b. marginalis.
- b. marginalis inflammation of the margins of the eyelids. SYN: ciliary b., marginal b..
- meibomian b. inflammation of the eyelid margin and the meibomian glands.
- b. parasitica marginal b. due to the presence of lice. SYN: b. phthiriatica, pediculous b..
- pediculous b. SYN: b. parasitica.
- b. phthiriatica SYN: b. parasitica.
- posterior b. inflammation of eyelid margins characterized by inspissation and occlusion of tarsal glands orifices.
- pustular b. SYN: b. follicularis.
- b. rosacea inflammation of the margins of the eyelids in association with acne rosacea.
- seborrheic b. a common type of chronic inflammation of the margins of the eyelids with erythema and white scales; often with an associated seborrheic dermatitis of scalp and face.
- b. sicca inflammation of the margins of the eyelids in which the lashes are powdered with dry scales.
- staphylococcal b. inflammation of the eyelids characterized by brittle hard scales along the base of the eyelashes.
- b. ulcerosa marginal b. with ulceration.

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bleph·a·ri·tis .blef-ə-'rīt-əs n, pl -rit·i·des -'rit-ə-.dēz inflammation of the eyelids and esp. of their margins

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inflammation of the eyelids. In squamous blepharitis, often associated with dandruff of the scalp, white scales accumulate among the eyelashes. Chronic ulcerative blepharitis is characterized by yellow crusts overlying ulcers of the lid margins. The lashes become matted together and tend to fall out or become distorted. Allergic blepharitis may occur in response to drugs or cosmetics put in the eye or on the eyelids.

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bleph·a·ri·tis (blef″ə-riґtis) [blephar- + -itis] inflammation of the eyelids; called also palpebritis.

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