Having two poles, ends, or extremes.

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bi·po·lar (')bī-'pō-lər adj
1) having or involving the use of two poles <\bipolar encephalograph leads>
2) of a neuron having an efferent and an afferent process
3) being, characteristic of, or affected with a bipolar disorder <\bipolar depression> <\bipolar affectively ill patients> compare UNIPOLAR (2)

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(in neurology) describing a neurone (nerve cell) that has two processes extending in different directions from its cell body.

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bi·po·lar (bi-poґlər) 1. having two poles or pertaining to both poles. 2. describing neurons that have processes at both ends. 3. denoting bacterial staining confined to the poles of the organism. 4. pertaining to mood disorders in which both major depressive episodes and manic or hypomanic episodes occur.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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