1. Process of removing tissue from patients for diagnostic examination. 2. A specimen obtained by b.. [bio- + G. opsis, vision]
- aspiration b. SYN: needle b..
- brush b. obtained by abrading the surface of a lesion with a brush to obtain cells and tissue for microscopic examination.
- chorionic villus b. transcervical or transabdominal sampling of the chorionic villi for genetic analysis.
- endoscopic b. b. obtained by instruments passed through an endoscope or obtained by a needle introduced under endoscopic guidance.
- excision b. excision of tissue for gross and microscopic examination in such a manner that the entire lesion is removed.
- fine needle b. the aspiration and removal of tissue or suspensions of cells through a small needle.
- incision b. removal of only a part of a lesion by incising into it.
- needle b. any method in which the specimen for b. is removed by aspirating it through an appropriate needle or trocar that pierces the skin, or the external surface of an organ, and into the underlying tissue to be examined. SYN: aspiration b..
- open b. surgical incision or excision of the region from which the b. is taken.
- punch b. any method that removes a small cylindrical specimen for b. by means of a special instrument that pierces the organ directly or through the skin or a small incision in the skin. SYN: trephine b..
- sentinal node b. b. preceded by injection of a dye or radioisotope proximal to a tumor to identify for excision the primary node draining the area; used to determine the extent of spread of a malignancy.
- shave b. a b. technique performed with a surgical blade or a razor blade; used for lesions that are elevated above the skin level or confined to the epidermis and upper dermis, or to protrusions of lesions from internal sites.
- sponge b. abrasion of a lesion with a suitable sponge.
- trephine b. SYN: punch b..

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bi·op·sy 'bī-.äp-sē n, pl -sies the removal and examination of tissue, cells, or fluids from the living body
biopsy vt, -sied; -sy·ing to perform a biopsy on <the intestinal polyps were removed and biopsied>

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the removal of a small piece of living tissue from an organ or part of the body for microscopic examination. Biopsy is an important means of diagnosing cancer from examination of a fragment of tumour. It is often carried out with a special hollow needle, inserted into the liver, kidney, or other organ, with relatively little discomfort to the patient.

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bi·op·sy (biґop-se) [bio- + Gr. opsis vision] the removal and examination, usually microscopic, of tissue from the living body, performed to establish precise diagnosis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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