The state of persisting in unusual postures or facial expressions, regardless of outside stimuli, as is seen in schizophrenia and some other diseases of the nervous system.
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A condition characterized by waxy rigidity of the limbs, which may be placed in various positions that are maintained for a time, lack of response to stimuli, mutism and inactivity; occurs with some psychoses, especially catatonic schizophrenia. [G. katalepsis, a seizing, c., fr. kata, down, + lepsis, a seizure]

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cat·a·lep·sy 'kat-əl-.ep-sē n, pl -sies a condition of suspended animation and loss of voluntary motion associated with hysteria and schizophrenia in humans and with organic nervous disease in animals and characterized by a trancelike state of consciousness and a posture in which the limbs hold any position they are placed in compare WAXY FLEXIBILITY

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the abnormal maintenance of postures or physical attitudes, occurring in catatonia. These may have arisen spontaneously or they may be induced by the examiner.

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cat·a·lep·sy (katґə-lep″se) [Gr. katalēpsis] indefinitely prolonged maintenance of a fixed body posture; seen in severe cases of catatonic schizophrenia. The term is sometimes used to denote cerea flexibilitas.

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