The hydrocarbon radical, C6H5CH2—.
- b. alcohol C6H5CH2OH; possesses local anesthetic and bacteriostatic properties. SYN: phenmethylol, phenylcarbinol.
- b. benzoate an agent that reduces the contractility of smooth muscular tissue, possessing marked antispasmodic properties; used now as a pediculicide and scabicide.
- b. benzoate-chlorophenothane-ethyl aminobenzoate a mixture of three components used in emulsions or ointments.
- b. cinnamate a constituent of balsams of Peru, Tolu, and styrax. SYN: cinnamein.
- b. fumarate used for the same purposes as b. benzoate.
- b. mandelate the b. ester of mandelic acid, having an antispasmodic action similar to that of b. benzoate.
- b. succinate action and dosage are the same as those of b. benzoate.

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ben·zyl 'ben-.zēl, -zəl n a monovalent radical C6H5CH2 derived from toluene

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ben·zyl (benґzəl) the hydrocarbon radical, C7H7 or C6H5CH2, of benzyl alcohol and various other compounds.

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