SYN: decubitus ulcer.

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bed·sore 'bed-.sō(ə)r, -.sȯ(ə)r n an ulceration of tissue deprived of adequate blood supply by prolonged pressure called also decubitus, decubitus ulcer, pressure sore compare PRESSURE POINT (1)

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an ulcerated area of skin caused by continuous pressure on part of the body: a hazard to be guarded against in all bedridden (especially unconscious) patients. Healing is hindered by the reduced blood supply to the area, and careful nursing is necessary to prevent local gangrene. The patient's position should be changed frequently, and the buttocks, heels, elbows, and other regions at risk kept dry and clean.

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bed·sore (bedґsor″) decubitus ulcer.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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