A temporary form representing the base of a denture; used for making maxillomandibular (jaw) relation records and for the arrangement of teeth. SYN: record base, temporary base, trial base.
- stabilized b. a b. lined with plastic material to improve its fit and stability.

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base·plate 'bās-.plāt n
1) the portion of an artificial denture in contact with the jaw
2) the sheet of plastic material used in the making of trial denture plates

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base·plate (bāsґplāt) 1. a temporary preformed shape made of shellac, wax, or acrylic resin, representing the base of a denture and used for making maxillomandibular relation records, for arranging artificial teeth, or for trial placement in the mouth. Called also record base, temporary base, and trial base. Written also base plate. 2. the tissue circumferential to and somewhat eccentric to the internal urethral orifice, thought to act as a floor during the filling of the bladder and to assume a cone shape during micturition so that the proximal urethra can fill.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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