1. Situated nearer the base of a pyramid-shaped organ in relation to a specific reference point; opposite of apical. SYN: basalis [TA]. 2. In dentistry, denoting the floor of a cavity in the grinding surface of a tooth. 3. Denoting a standard or reference state of a function, as a basis for comparison. More specifically, denoting the exact conditions for measurement of b. metabolic rate (q.v.); b. conditions do not always denote a minimum value, e.g., metabolic rate in sleep is usually less than the b. rate, but is inconvenient for standard measurement.

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ba·sal 'bā-səl, -zəl adj
1) relating to, situated at, or forming the base
2) of, relating to, or essential for maintaining the fundamental vital activities of an organism (as respiration, heartbeat, or excretion) <a \basal diet> see BASAL METABOLISM
3) serving as or serving to induce an initial comatose or unconscious state that forms a basis for further anesthetization <\basal narcosis> <a \basal anesthetic>
ba·sal·ly adv

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ba·sal (baґsəl) pertaining to or situated near a base.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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