Assmann tuberculous infiltrate

Assmann tuberculous infiltrate
see under focus.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Assmann focus (tuberculous infiltrate) — Ass·mann focus (tuberculous infiltrate) (ahsґmahn) [Herbert Assmann, German internist, 1882–1950] see under focus …   Medical dictionary

  • Assmann focus — the early exudative lesion of pulmonary tuberculosis, occurring most frequently in the subapical region; called also Assmann tuberculous infiltrate …   Medical dictionary

  • Infiltrate — To penetrate. If an IV infiltrates, the IV fluid penetrates the surrounding tissue. * * * 1. To perform or undergo infiltration. 2. SYN: infiltration (2). 3. A cellular infiltration (1) in the lung as inferred from appearance of a localized, ill… …   Medical dictionary

  • Assmann — Herbert, German internist, 1882–1950. See A. tuberculous infiltrate …   Medical dictionary

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