1. A unit of pressure equal to 1 megadyne (106 dyne) per cm2 in the CGS system, 0.9869233 atmosphere, or 105 Pa (N/m2) in the SI system. 2. A metal segment of greater length than width that serves to connect two or more parts of a removable partial denture. SEE ALSO: major connector. 3. A segment of tissue or bone that unites two or more similar structures.
- arch b. any one of several types of wires, b.'s, or splints conforming to the arch of the teeth, extending from one side of the arch to the other and located labially, or lingually; used for the treatment of jaw fractures and/or stabilization of injured teeth.
- b. of bladder SYN: interureteric crest.
- clasp b. clasp.
- connector b. See major connector, minor connector.
- labial b. a major connector located labial to the dental arch joining two or more bilateral parts of a mandibular removable partial denture.
- lingual b. a major connector located lingual to the dental arch joining two or more bilateral parts of a mandibular removable partial denture.
- median b. of Mercier a prominent band of fibromuscular tissue involving the interureteric ridge or neck of the urinary bladder, occasionally resulting in urinary obstruction.
- Mercier b. SYN: interureteric crest.
- occlusal rest b. a minor connector used to attach an occlusal rest to a major part of a removable partial denture.
- palatal b. a major connector which crosses the palate and unites two or more parts of a maxillary removable partial denture.
- Passavant b. SYN: Passavant ridge.
- sternal b. one of the transverse units of the developing sternum formed by the union of paired primordia.
- terminal b. dark spots or b.'s (depending on the plane of section) in the lateral boundary between the apical ends of columnar epithelial cells; this region corresponds with the area of the junctional complex and the thin filaments that anchor on the zonula adherens.
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bariatrics; barometer, barometric; beta-adrenergic receptor

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bar abbr barometer; barometric
bar 'bär n, often attrib
1 a) a piece of metal that connects parts of a removable partial denture
b) the part of the wall of a horse's hoof that is bent inward toward the frog at the heel on each side and that extends toward the center of the sole
2) a straight stripe, band, or line much longer than it is wide: as
a) a transverse ridge on the roof of a horse's mouth usu. used in pl.
b) the space in front of the molar teeth of a horse in which the bit is placed
bar vt, barred; bar·ring to cut free and ligate (a vein in a horse's leg) above and below the site of a projected operative procedure
bar n a unit of pressure equal to 100,000 pascals or to one million dynes per square centimeter or to 0.9869 atmosphere

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(bahr) 1. a structure having greater length than width, and often some degree of rigidity. 2. a metal segment of greater length than width that serves to connect two or more parts of a removable partial denture. 3. tarsal coalition; for this and its various types, see under coalition. 4. a unit of pressure, being a pressure of 106 dyne per square cm; equal to 0.987 atm or 105 Pa. 5. the upper part of the gums of a horse, between the grinders and the tusks, which bears no teeth. 6. that portion of the wall of a horse's hoof reflected posteriorly at an acute angle. Called also spine, stay, and frog stay.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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