glands of LieberkÑŒhn

glands of LieberkÑŒhn
glandulae intestinales.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • LieberkÑŒhn glands (crypts follicles) — Lie·ber·kÑŒhn glands (crypts, follicles) (leґber kēn) [Johann Nathaniel LieberkÑŒhn, German anatomist, 1711–1756] glandulae intestinales …   Medical dictionary

  • glandulae intestinales — [TA] intestinal glands: simple tubular glands in the mucous membrane of either the small intestine (glandulae intestinales intestini tenuis), opening between the bases of the villi and containing argentaffin cells; or the large intestine… …   Medical dictionary

  • Kulchitsky cells — argentaffin cells found between the cells that line the glands of LieberkÑŒhn of the intestine …   Medical dictionary

  • glandulae duodenales — [TA] duodenal glands: tubuloacinar glands in the submucous layer of the duodenum that open into the crypts of LieberkÑŒhn; they secrete urogastrone. Called also Brunner glands …   Medical dictionary

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