Relaxation, flaccidity, or lack of tone or tension. SYN: atonia, atonicity. [G. atonia, languor]
- postpartum a. a. of the uterine walls after childbirth. SYN: metratonia.
- uterine a. failure of the myometrium to contract after delivery of the placenta; associated with excessive bleeding from the placental implantation site.

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at·o·ny 'at-ən-ē or ato·nia (')ā-'tō-nē-ə n, pl -nies or -ni·as lack of physiological tone esp. of a contractile organ

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a state in which muscles are floppy, lacking their normal elasticity.
atonic adj.

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at·o·ny (atґə-ne) [L. atonia, from a-1 + Gr. tonos tension] lack of normal tone or strength, such as in a muscle deprived of its innervation. Called also atonia and atonicity. atonic adj

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