[L. fugere to flee from] a word termination implying traveling away from, affixed to a stem designating the object from which flight is made, as centrifugal, traveling away from a center, or corticifugal, directed away from the cortex.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • axifugal — Extending away from an axis or axon. SYN: axofugal. [L. axis + fugio, to flee from] * * * ax·if·u·gal (ak sifґu gəl) [axi + fugal2] directed away from an axon or axis …   Medical dictionary

  • cellulifugal — Moving from, or extending in a direction away from, a cell or cell body; denoting certain cells repelled by other cells, or processes extending from the body of a cell. [cellula + L. fugio, to flee] * * * cellulifugal var of CELLIFUGAL * * *… …   Medical dictionary

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