The process of building bone by suffusing tissues with calcium salts. Also called ossification.
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1. Deposition of lime or other insoluble calcium salts. 2. A process in which tissue or noncellular material in the body becomes hardened as the result of precipitates or larger deposits of insoluble salts of calcium (and also magnesium), especially calcium carbonate and phosphate (hydroxyapatite) normally occurring only in the formation of bone and teeth. SYN: calcareous infiltration. [L. calx, lime, + facio, to make]
- dystrophic c. c. occurring in degenerated or necrotic tissue, as in hyalinized scars, degenerated foci in leiomyomas, and caseous nodules.
- eggshell c. a thin layer of c. around an intrathoracic lymph node, usually in silicosis, seen on a chest radiograph.
- metastatic c. c. occurring in nonosseous, viable tissue ( i.e., tissue that is not degenerated or necrotic), as in the stomach, lungs, and kidneys (and rarely in other sites); the cells of these organs secrete acid materials, and, under certain conditions in instances of hypercalcemia, the alteration in pH causes precipitation of calcium salts in these sites.
- Mönckeberg c. SYN: Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis.
- Mönckeberg medial c. SYN: Mönckeberg arteriosclerosis.
- pathologic c. c. occurring in excretory or secretory passages as calculi, and in tissues other than bone and teeth.
- pulp c. SYN: endolith.

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cal·ci·fi·ca·tion .kal-sə-fə-'kā-shən n
1) impregnation with calcareous matter: as
a) deposition of calcium salts within the matrix of cartilage often as the preliminary step in the formation of bone compare OSSIFICATION (1a)
b) abnormal deposition of calcium salts within tissue
2) a calcified structure or part

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the deposition of calcium salts in tissue. This occurs as part of the normal process of bone formation (see ossification).

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cal·ci·fi·ca·tion (kal″sĭ-fĭ-kaґshən) [calci- + L. facere to make] the process by which organic tissue becomes hardened by a deposit of calcium salts within its substance. See also calcinosis.

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