1. Lack of symmetry; disproportion between two normally alike parts. 2. Significant difference in amplitude or frequency of EEG activity recorded simultaneously from the two sides of the brain under identical conditions. SYN: dissymmetry.

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asym·me·try (')ā-'sim-ə-trē n, pl -tries
1) lack or absence of symmetry: as
a) lack of proportion between the parts of a thing esp want of bilateral symmetry <\asymmetry in the development of the two sides of the brain>
b) lack of coordination of two parts acting in connection with one another <\asymmetry of convergence of the eyes>
2) lack of symmetry in spatial arrangement of atoms and groups in a molecule

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asym·me·try (a-simґə-tre) [a-1 + symmetry] 1. lack or absence of symmetry; dissimilarity in corresponding parts or organs on opposite sides of the body which are normally alike. 2. in chemistry, lack of symmetry in the special arrangements of the atoms and radicals within the molecule or crystal. asymmet'ric, asymmet'rical adj

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