Inflammation or infection involving an artery or arteries. [L. arteria, artery, + G. -itis, inflammation]
- brachiocephalic a. giant-cell a. seen in older adults; characterized by inflammatory lesions in medium sized arteries, most commonly in the head, neck and/or shoulder girdle area; lesions include fragmented elastin, macrophages, and giant cells. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate is usually markedly elevated. Visual loss can occur.
- coronary a. inflammation of any or all of the layers of coronary artery walls.
- cranial a. SYN: temporal a..
- extracranial a. SYN: temporal a..
- giant cell a. SYN: temporal a..
- granulomatous a. SYN: temporal a..
- Heubner a. inflammation of arteries within the circle of Willis secondary to chronic basal meningitis from tubercle bacillus or particular fungi such as Cryptococcus, Histoplasma, or Coccidiodes.
- Horton a. SYN: temporal a..
- intracranial granulomatous a. a small vessel, giant cell a. that affects only intracranial blood vessel s, of unknown etiology, and with diverse clinical manifestations, including those seen with an involving cerebral tumor, and with a low grade meningitis, leading to infarction of one portion of the cerebrum or cerebellum. SYN: neurocranial granulomatous a..
- neurocranial granulomatous a. SYN: intracranial granulomatous a..
- a. nodosa SYN: polyarteritis nodosa.
- a. obliterans, obliterating a. SYN: endarteritis obliterans.
- rheumatic a. a. due to rheumatic fever; Aschoff bodies are frequently found in the adventitia of small arteries, especially in the myocardium, and may lead to fibrosis and constriction of the lumens.
- rheumatoid a. a. associated with rheumatoid arthritis; aortitis with aortic valve incompetence accompanying ankylosing spondylitis may be related.
- Takayasu a. a progressive obliterative a. of unknown origin involving chronic inflammation of the aortic arch with fibrosis and marked luminal narrowing that affects the aorta and its branches, often with complete or near complete occlusion of segments of the aorta; more common in females. SEE ALSO: aortic arch syndrome. SYN: pulseless disease, Takayasu disease, Takayasu syndrome.
- temporal a. a subacute, granulomatous a. involving the external carotid arteries, especially the temporal artery; occurs in elderly persons and may be manifested by constitutional symptoms, particularly severe headache, and sometimes sudden unilateral blindness. Shares many of the symptoms of polymyalgia rheumatica. SYN: cranial a., extracranial a., giant cell a., granulomatous a., Horton a..

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ar·ter·i·tis .ärt-ə-'rīt-əs n, pl -te·rit·i·des -'rit-ə-.dēz arterial inflammation see GIANT CELL ARTERITIS
ar·ter·it·ic -'rit-ik adj

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an inflammatory disease that affects the muscular walls of the arteries. It may be part of a connective-tissue disease or it may be due to an infection, such as syphilis. The affected vessels are swollen and tender and may become blocked. Temporal (or giant-cell) arteritis occurs in the elderly and most commonly affects the arteries of the scalp. The patient complains of severe headache, and double vision or scalp tenderness may be present; blindness may result from thrombosis of the arteries to the eyes. Treatment with cortisone derivatives is rapidly effective.

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ar·ter·i·tis (ahr″tə-riґtis) pl. arteriґtides [arteri- + -itis] inflammation of an artery.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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