A genus of bacteria in the family Campylobacteraceae that are Gram-negative, aerotolerant, and able to grow at 15° C. The type strain is A. butzleri.
- A. butzleri a bacterial species of A. found in poultry and meat; has been associated with diarrheal and systemic diseases in humans.

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Ar·co·bac·ter (ahrґko-bak″tər) [L. arcus bow + -bacter] a genus of bacteria of the family Campylobacteraceae, consisting of gram-negative, slender, curved rods. Organisms are non–spore-forming, microaerobic to aerobic, and chemo-organotrophic; grow at 15°C; and have a single polar flagellum at one or both ends of the cell. Pathogenicity is unknown, but several species have been isolated from clinical specimens. The type species is A. nitrofiґgilis.

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