dysplasia epiphysealis punctata

dysplasia epiphysealis punctata
chondrodysplasia punctata.

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  • chondrodysplasia punctata — a heterogeneous group of bone dysplasias whose common characteristic is stippling of the epiphyses in infancy. There are a severe autosomal recessive form (rhizomelic dwarfism), an autosomal dominant form (Conradi HÑŒnermann syndrome), and a… …   Medical dictionary

  • Dysplasia — Abnormal in form. From the Greek dys (bad, disordered, abnormal) and plassein (to form). For example, retinal dysplasia is abnormal formation of the retina during embryonic development. * * * Abnormal tissue development. SEE ALSO: heteroplasia.… …   Medical dictionary

  • epiphyseal dysplasia — faulty growth and ossification of the epiphyses, with radiographically apparent stippling and decreased stature, not associated with thyroid disease. See d. epiphysealis hemimelica, multiple epiphyseal d., and chondrodysplasia punctata …   Medical dictionary

  • Chondrodystrophy — Classification and external resources ICD 10 Q78.9 ICD 9 756.4 …   Wikipedia

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