Any part, subordinate in function or size, attached to a main structure. SEE ALSO: accessory structures, under structure. SYN: appendix (1). [L. appendix]
- atrial a. SYN: auricles (of atria), under auricle.
- auricular a. 1. SYN: right auricle. 2. a small congenital skin tag usually located anterior to the tragus of the ear, often called a skin tag; more often unilateral than bilateral.
- drumstick a. an a. of the nucleus that represents the inactive heterochromatic X chromosome seen in 3% of the neutrophil leukocytes of human females. See sex chromatin, lyonization.
- epiploic a. SYN: omental appendices, under appendix.
- appendages of eye SYN: accessory visual structures, under structure.
- appendages of the fetus amnion, yolk sac, and the fetal (chorionic) part of the placenta together with the umbilical cord.
- left auricular a. SYN: left auricle.
- right auricular a. SYN: right auricle.
- appendages of skin the hairs, nails, and sweat, sebaceous, and mammary glands.
- testicular a. SYN: appendix of testis.
- uterine appendages the ovaries, uterine (fallopian) tubes, and associated ligaments. SYN: adnexa uteri.
- vermiform a. SYN: appendix (2).
- vesicular appendages of epoophoron [TA] a small fluid-filled cyst attached by a slender stalk to the fimbriated end of the uterine tube; a vestigial remnant of the embryonic mesonephric duct. SYN: appendix vesiculosa [TA], Morgagni hydatid, morgagnian cyst, stalked hydatid, vesicular appendices of uterine tube.

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ap·pend·age ə-'pen-dij n a subordinate or derivative body part esp a limb or analogous part (as a seta)

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ap·pen·dage (ə-penґdəj) a thing or part appended; see also adnexa and appendix.

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