dys·chi·ria (dis-kiґre-ə) [dys- + chir- + -ia] derangement of the power to tell which side of the body has been touched; see allochiria and synchiria.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • dyscheiria, dyschiria — A disorder of sensibility in which, although there is no apparent loss of sensation, the patient is unable to tell which side of the body has been touched (acheiria), or refers it to the wrong side (allocheiria), or to both sides (syncheiria).… …   Medical dictionary

  • synchiria — SYN: syncheiria. * * * syn·chi·ria (sin kiґre ə) [syn + chir + ia] dyschiria in which a stimulus applied to one side of the body is referred to both sides …   Medical dictionary

  • allochiria — al·lo·chi·ria also al·lo·chei·ria .al ə kir ē ə n a condition associated with a central nervous lesion in which sensation is referred to a locus on the side of the body opposite to the place on which the skin is stimulated * * * al·lo·chi·ria… …   Medical dictionary

  • achiria — achi·ria (ə kiґre ə) 1. acheiria. 2. inability to tell which side of the body has been touched; cf. dyschiria …   Medical dictionary

  • referred sensation — reflex sensation a sensation felt at a place other than the point of application of the stimulus. Called also transferred s. and eccentric projection. See also dyschiria …   Medical dictionary

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