psychotic disorder

psychotic disorder
[DSM-IV] psychosis (def. 1).

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Brief psychotic disorder — is a period of psychosis whose duration is generally shorter, non re occurring, and not better accounted for by another condition.The disorder is characterized by a sudden onset of psychotic symptoms, which may include delusions, hallucinations,… …   Wikipedia

  • shared psychotic disorder — [DSM IV] a delusional system that develops in one or more persons as a result of a close relationship with someone who already has a psychotic disorder with prominent delusions. Most commonly it involves two people and is called folie а deux.… …   Medical dictionary

  • Psychotic depression — Psychotic major depression (PMD) is a type of depression that can include symptoms and treatments that are different from those of non psychotic major depressive disorder (NPMD). PMD is estimated to affect about 0.4% of the population (or one in… …   Wikipedia

  • brief psychotic disorder — [DSM IV] an episode of psychotic symptoms (incoherence, loosening of associations, delusions, hallucinations, disorganized or catatonic behavior) with sudden onset, lasting less than one month. If it occurs in response to a stressful life event,… …   Medical dictionary

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  • alcohol-induced psychotic disorder —    see alcoholic hallucinosis …   Dictionary of Hallucinations

  • substance-induced psychotic disorder — [DSM IV] persistent delusions or hallucinations related to the use of a psychoactive substance, the patient being unaware of their etiology. Individual cases are named for the specific substance involved …   Medical dictionary

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  • disorder — A disturbance of function, structure, or both, resulting from a genetic or embryonic failure in development or from exogenous factors such as poison, trauma, or disease. adjustmen …   Medical dictionary

  • psychotic depression — major depressive disorder with psychotic features, such as hallucinations, delusions, mutism, or stupor. Cf. neurotic d …   Medical dictionary

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