: A thin, flexible instrument used to view the air passages of the lung.
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An endoscope for inspecting the interior of the tracheobronchial tree, either for diagnostic purposes (including biopsy) or for the removal of foreign bodies. There are two types: flexible and rigid. SYN: bronchofiberscope. [broncho- + G. skopeo, to view]

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bron·cho·scope 'bräŋ-kə-.skōp n a usu. flexible endoscope for inspecting and passing instruments into the bronchi (as to obtain tissue for biopsy)

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an instrument used to look into the trachea and bronchi. In addition to the rigid tubular metal type, used for many years, there is now a narrower flexible fibre optics instrument with which previously inaccessible bronchi can be inspected. With either instrument the bronchial tree can be washed out (see bronchoalveolar lavage) and samples of tissue and foreign bodies can be removed with long forceps.

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bron·cho·scope (brongґko-skōp) an instrument for inspecting the interior of the tracheobronchial tree and carrying out endobronchial diagnostic and therapeutic maneuvers, such as taking specimens for culture and biopsy and removing foreign bodies.

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