1. Having an arresting action upon mitosis. 2. A drug having such an effect; e.g., a folic acid antagonist that is used in leukemia to inhibit the multiplication of white cells.

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an·ti·mi·tot·ic .ant-i-mī-'tät-ik, .an-.tī- adj inhibiting or disrupting mitosis <\antimitotic agents> <\antimitotic activity>
antimitotic n an antimitotic substance

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any one of a group of drugs that inhibit cell division and growth, e.g. doxorubicin, aclarubicin. The drugs used to treat cancer are mainly antimitotics. See also antimetabolite, cytotoxic drug.

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an·ti·mi·tot·ic (an″te-) (an″ti-mi-totґik) 1. inhibiting or preventing mitosis. 2. an agent that inhibits or prevents mitosis.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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