1. Moving forward. Cf.:antegrade. 2. Extending forward from a particular point in time; used in reference to amnesia. [L. gradior, pp. gressus, to step, go]

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an·tero·grade 'ant-ə-(.)rō-.grād adj
1) effective for a period immediately following a shock or seizure specif effective for and in effect during the period from the time of seizure to the present <prolonged retrograde and \anterograde amnesia (Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc.)>
2) occurring or performed in the normal or forward direction of conduction or flow: as
a) occurring along nerve cell processes away from the cell body <\anterograde axonal transport>
b) occurring in the normal direction or path of blood circulation <restoration of \anterograde flow in an occluded coronary artery> compare RETROGRADE (3)

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an·tero·grade (anґtər-o-grād″) [antero- + L. gredi to go] moving or extending anteriorly; called also antegrade.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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