mixed lymphocyte culture

mixed lymphocyte culture
(MLC) a type of lymphocyte proliferation test (q.v.) in which lymphocytes from two individuals are cultured together and the proliferative response (mixed lymphocyte reaction) is measured by 3H-labeled thymidine uptake. The test may be performed as a “two-way” MLC in which cells of both individuals can proliferate or as a “one-way” MLC in which the cells of one individual are prevented from responding by treatment with radiation or mitomycin. Three controls are used: cultures of syngeneic pairs, both untreated and radiation- or mitomycin-treated, and a culture of allogeneic irradiated or mitomycin-treated pairs. The primary clinical use of MLC is selection of compatible donors for bone marrow and living-related renal allotransplantation and for typing of HLA-D antigens; it is also used in diagnosis of immunodeficiency diseases.

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