A genus of large tapeworms (family Anoplocephalidae) with strong linear segmentation, numerous scattered testes, and eggs with a pyriform apparatus; they are parasitic in herbivores, with terrestrial mites serving as intermediate hosts. [G. anoplos, unarmed, + kephale, head]
- A. perfoliata a cosmopolitan species of the horse, donkey, mule, and zebra; cysticercoid larvae are found in arthropods. SYN: Taenia equina, Taenia quadrilobata.

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An·op·lo·ceph·a·la .an-ə-(.)plō-'sef-ə-lə n a genus of taenioid tapeworms including some parasites of horses

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An·op·lo·ceph·a·la (an″op-lo-sefґə-lə) [Gr. anoplos unarmed + Gr. kephalē head] a genus of tapeworms of the family Anoplocephalidae, found in horses.

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