Stiffening or fixation of a joint as the result of a disease process, with fibrous or bony union across the joint. [G. a., stiffening of a joint]
- artificial a. SYN: arthrodesis.
- bony a. SYN: synostosis.
- dental a. bony union of the radicular surface of a tooth to the surrounding alveolar bone in an area of previous partial root resorption.
- extracapsular a. stiffness of a joint due to induration or heterotopic ossification of the surrounding tissues. SYN: spurious a..
- false a. SYN: fibrous a..
- fibrous a. stiffening of a joint due to the presence of fibrous bands between and about the bones forming the joint. SYN: false a., pseudankylosis.
- intracapsular a. stiffness of a joint due to the presence of bony or fibrous adhesions between the articular surfaces of the joint.
- spurious a. SYN: extracapsular a..
- true a. SYN: synostosis.

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an·ky·lo·sis also an·chy·lo·sis .aŋ-ki-'lō-səs n, pl -lo·ses -.sēz stiffness or fixation of a joint by disease or surgery
an·ky·lot·ic also an·chy·lot·ic -'lät-ik adj

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pathological fusion of the bones across a joint space, either by bony tissue (bony ankylosis) or by shortening of connecting fibrous tissue (fibrous ankylosis). Ankylosis is a complication of prolonged joint inflammation, as may occur in chronic infection (e.g. tuberculosis) or rheumatic disease (e.g. ankylosing spondylitis).

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an·ky·lo·sis (ang″kə-loґsis) pl. ankyloґses [Gr. ankylōsis] immobility and consolidation of a joint due to disease, injury, or surgical procedure.

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