1. A cell taking part in blood vessel formation. SYN: vasoformative cell. 2. Primordial mesenchymal tissue from which embryonic blood cells and vascular endothelium are differentiated. SYN: angioderm. [angio- + G. blastos, germ]

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an·gio·blast 'an-jē-ə-.blast n
1) one of the extraembryonic mesenchyme cells that differentiate into the endothelium of the embryonic blood vessels
2) the mesenchymal tissue that gives rise to embryonic blood cells and blood vessels
an·gio·blas·tic .an-jē-ə-'blas-tik adj

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an·gio·blast (anґje-o-blast″) [angio- + -blast1] 1. the mesenchymal tissue of the embryo from which the blood cells and blood vessels differentiate; called also angioderm. 2. an individual vessel-forming cell; called also vasoformative cell. angioblastic adj

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