analyzer, analyzor

analyzer, analyzor
1. Any instrument that performs an analysis. 2. The prism in a polariscope by means of which the polarized light is examined. 3. The neural basis of the conditioned reflex; includes all of the sensory side of the reflex arc and its central connections. 4. A device that electronically determines the frequency and amplitude of a particular channel of an electroencephalogram.
- batch a. a discrete automated chemical a. in which the instrument system sequentially performs a single test on each of a group of samples.
- centrifugal fast a. an automatic spectrophotometer that uses centrifugal force to mix samples and reagents, and propels the reactants at high speed in view of a detector that makes multiple absorbance readings.
- continuous flow a. an automated chemical a. in which the samples and reagents are pumped continuously through a system of modules interconnected by tubing.
- discrete a. an automated chemical a. in which the instrument performs tests on samples that are kept in discrete containers in contrast to a continuous flow a..
- kinetic a. an instrument that measures the rate of change in a chemical substance; used mainly for enzyme measurement.
- pulse height a. electronic circuitry that determines the energy of scintillations recorded by a detector, allowing use of a discriminator to select for photons of a specific type.
- wave a. an apparatus that assesses a complex mixture of wave forms by separating out their component frequencies and displaying their distribution.

Medical dictionary. 2011.

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